Welcome to the Three Piece Life

Take control and live the life you want

Navigate the next season of your life

What’s next in my life and career? What do I want to do and why do I want to do it?

If you’re asking these questions, then the Three Piece Life is for you. This online eCoaching course will allow you to make the changes that, deep down, you know you need to make. Delivered at the place and time you want by leading coach Tim Johns, the course will awaken a new sense of how to find contentment and balance in your work and life. 

Feel Differently

Avoid burn out, bore out, or big regrets.

Instead, the Three Piece Life will make you feel:
  • motivated and inspired
  • energised but with an inner calm
  • confident to act with a renewed zest for life

“Life is too short to postpone contentment.”

Are you?

  • Early career: asking why you’re doing this and who is it for?

  • Mid career: ambitious to do more but not sure what ‘more’ means?

  • Late career: asking what now?

Many people are too busy to press the Pause button. But we all need to take time to think about our lives and to invest in ourselves. Each of us is different so Tim will guide you to finding what’s right for you and the choices you need to make.

Find the right balance

The Three Piece Life has been created by Tim Johns, a business leader for blue-chip companies and coach for CEOs during a career spanning over 35 years. Tim will guide you towards living the balanced life that you want. All of his experience, knowledge, and wisdom have been brought together into an online eCoaching experience that costs less than a quarter of a typical single 1:1 executive coaching session.

Tim Johns,
Leadership coach, consultant, author

“We should all have the chance to live the life that’s right for us.”

A journey of self-discovery

This seven-part eCoaching programme will allow you to find your own solution by working through recorded modules in your own time and at your own pace. Tim will personally onboard to help you get the best out of the programme. In each module, Tim talks you through ideas and shares his own story and insights. There will be things for you to write down and questionnaires to answer. Because it’s only when we write things down that things become real.

The Three Piece Life course will give you:

New ways of thinking

New sense of possibilities

The permission to make personal change

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